Music scores for hire

The choir has an extensive library of scores, all of which are available for hire.

To enquire about hiring any of the following, please send an email to

Composer                                    Title                                        Publisher                  Number

Archer                        When Christ was born of Mary free                OUP                        30

Archer                        Child of Mary, softly sleeping                         OUP                         30

Ayres                          When the song of the angels is stilled           OUP                        34        

Barker                        Homage to Shostakovitch for SATB  & Str. Quar.)unpublished      24

Barnard                      So gentle the donkey                                      OUP                        17

Barnett                       Angelus ad virginem                                       OUP                        30

Bennett (R.R.)            Five carols: There is no rose etc Universal               15 

Berger                        Brazilian Psalm                                               Schirmer                  30

Berkeley                     Look up, sweet babe                                        Chester                    30

Berkeley                     Missa Brevis                                                     Chester                    30

Berkeley                     The Lord is my shepherd                                  Chester                    30

Bridge                         Four part-songs                                               Thames                     9

Britten                        A Hymn to the Virgin                                       Boosey & Hawkes     30

Britten                        Five Flower Songs   Boosey & Hawkes    30                                                                     

Britten                        The Sycamore Tree                                          Chester                     30

Britten                        Jubilate Deo                                                     OUP                          30

Bruckner                    Ave Maria: Tota pulchra est                              Peters                        30

Bruckner                    Locus iste; Os Justi; Christus factus est            Peters                        30

Bullard                       A little child there is yborn                              OUP                           30

Burgon                       Adam lay y-bounden (SSAA & organ)              Chester                      20

Buxtehude                  Membra Jesu nostri (Score, & instr. parts        Carus                         28        

Byrd                            Mass for four voices                                        Chester                      14

Cardoso                      Missa pro defunctis                                         Mapa Mundi               30

Carter                         Deep Peace (S/A)                                             OUP                            13

Carter                         A maiden most gentle                                      OUP                           30

Cavalli                         Magnificat (SATB, str., cor. sack., continuo        Faber                        18

Cavalli                         Laetatus sum (ATB, str. & continuo)                 Faber                        18

Chilcott                       The Bethlehem Star                                         OUP                          30

Chilcott                       The Shepherd’s Carol                                       OUP                          30

Chilcott                       The Rose in the middle of winter                     OUP                          30

Cooke                         Three Marian motets  self-published            30

 Cooke                          Laetemur animo                                            self-published            30

Clucas                         Super flumina Babylonis                                 Fagus-music              30

Clucas                         There is no Rose                                              Fagus-music              30

Clucas                         Dans cette étable                                            Fagus-music              30

Clucas                         Of a Rose sing we                                            Fagus-music              30

Clucas                         Shakespeare Songs                                         animus                       30

Clucas                         Three psalms                                                  unpublished               30

Clucas                         Carol of the wise men                                    unpublished               30

Clucas                         Rorate coeli                                                    animus                       30

Chrtisto, Pedro de     Quaeramus cum pastoribus (SSAT)                  Mapa Mundi               24

Crivelli                        O Maria mater gloriae                                    Faber                         24

Delius                         Two unaccompanied part songs                     Boosey & Hawkes      26

Despres                      Ave Maria virgo serena                                   Joed                            20

Dove                           Arion and the Dolphin (SATB &2-part ch. Faber                          50

Dove                           Seek him that maketh the seven stars           Faber                          30

Dove                           In beauty may I walk                                      Faber                          30

Dove                           The three kings                                              Peters                         30

Dove                           I am the day                                                   Peters                         30

Dove                           Welcome, all wonders in one sight                Faber                          30

Edwards                     No small wonder                                             animus                       30

Esquivel                     Missa gloriose confessor Domini                    unpublished               30

Esquivel                     Motet: O vos omnes                                        Mapa Mundi               16

Esquivel                     Missa pro defunctis                                         Mapa Mundi               16

Esquivel                     Four Hymns: Christe Redemptor etc                Mapa Mundi               16

Finzi, arr. Rathbone   Two Finzi songs                                                Boosey & Hawkes      30

Finzi                            Clear and gentle stream                                 OUP                           30

Finzi                            My spirit sang all day                                      OUP                           30

Finzi                            God is gone up                                               Boosey & Hawkes      30

Gardner                      Fear no more the heat of the sun                   Novello                       30

Gardner                      Tomorrow shall be my dancing day                 OUP                           30

Gardner                      Four songs to poems by Thomas Hardy           Peacock Press            28

Gjeilo                          Serenity (O magnum mysterium)                    Walton Music             30

Gjeilo                          Prelude                                                            Walton Music            30

Gjeilo                          Ubi caritas                                                        Walton Music           30

Gjeilo                            Northern Lights                                              Walton Music           30

Godar                          Dormi Jesu                                                         Faber                      30

Górecki                       Totus Tuus                                                       Boosey & Hawkes      30

Guerrero                    Hei mihi                                                           Mapa Mundi               24

Guerrero                    Duo Seraphim                                                  Mapa Mundi               24

Guerrero                    O Domine Iesu Christe                                     Mapa Mundi               24

Guerrero                    Ave Regina; Alma Redemptoris; Sancta Maria Mapa Mundi               20

Guerrero                    Cantate Domino                                               Mapa Mundi               24

Herne                         Taladh chriosta                                                Longship                    30

Hawes                         Joseph’s carol (TTBB)                                      Novello                      12

Helvey                        O come, divine Messiah                                  OUP                            30

Hewitt Jones              Lullay, my liking                                              Boosey & Hawkes      30

Higginson                   Plainsong and Toccata: Resonet in laudibus  fagus-music               30

Holst                           Ave Maria (SSAA/SSAA)                                  Bosworth                   16

Holst                           This have I done for my true love                 Stainer & Bell             30

Holst                           Psalm LXXXVI (To my humble supplication)  Stainer & Bell             30

Holst                           Psalm CXLVIII: Lord, who hast made us         Augner                       121

Howells                      Like as the hart                                              OUP                             24

Howells                      Haec dies                                                        RSCM                          24

Howells                      O pray for the peace of Jerusalem                 OUP                             24

Howells                      A Spotless Rose                                              Stainer & Bell             30

Howells                      Long ago                                                         Novello                       30

Howells                      Sing lullaby                                                    Stainer & Bell             30

Howells                      Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in B minor           RSCM                          16

Howells                      St Paul’s Service                                              Novello                       30

Howells                      There is a little door                                      Stainer & Bell             15

Howells                      Requiem                                                         Novello                       30

Hurd                           Canticles of the Virgin Mary (SSA & pf. or w.wd) Novello                  20

Jackson                       The Christ-child                                             OUP                             30

Jackson                       Vidi aquam                                                    OUP                             30

Jolliffe                         O my dear heart                                            OUP                             30

Joubert                       Three carols  Novello                       26

Langley                       The four journeys                                          unpublished               30

Lauridsen                   O magnum mysterium                                    Faber                          30

Lauridsen                   Ave Maria                                                        Faber                          30

Leighton                     An evening hymn                                           Novello                       30

Leighton                     A hymn of the nativity                                    Faber                          30

Leighton                     Crucifixus pro nobis                                        Novello                       26

Lobo                            Ave Regina                                                     Mapa Mundi               24

Lobo                            Versa est in luctum                                        Mapa Mundi               24

Lobo                           Quam pulchri sunt gressus tui                        Mapa Mundi               24

Joubert                       There is no rose                                              Novello                       30

MacMillan                  Os mutorum (SS & harp)                                 Boosey & Hawkes      20        

MacMillan                  O radiant dawn                                                Boosey & Hawkes      30

MacMillan                  Ave maris stella                                               Boosey & Hawkes      30

MacMillan                  Sedebit Dominus                                             Boosey & Hawkes      30

MacMillan                  Canticle of Zachariah                                       Boosey & Hawkes      30

Marenzio                    Hodie Christus natus est                                  Mapa Mundi              28

Mathias                      Missa aedis Christi                                          OUP                           30

Mathias                      Ave Rex                                                           OUP                           30

Mathias                      Wassail carol                                                   OUP                           30

Mathias                      Sweet was the song                                        OUP                            30

Mathias                      Rex gloriae: Four Latin motets                        OUP                            26

Matthews                   The angels’ carol                                             Faber                          30

Maxwell Davies         Lullabye for Lucy                                             Boosey & Hawkes      30

Mealor                        Ave Maria                                                       Novello                       30

Mealor                        Ubi caritas                                                      Novello                       30

Monteverdi                Beatus vir                                                        Novello                       30

Monteverdi                Dixit Dominus                                                 Novello                       30

Morales                      Sancta et immaculata                                     Mapa Mundi               24

Nystedt                       Missa brevis                                                    Roberton                    30

Noble                          The oxen (SATB & piano)                               unpublished               30

Noble                          Missa brevis                                                    unpublished               30

O’Regan                      Bring rest, sweet dreaming child                    Novello                       30

Owens                        Lullay, my liking                                              OUP                            30

Padilla                        Missa sine nomine                                          unpublished               30

Padilla                        Lamentations                                                  Mapa Mundi               30

Padilla                        Mirabilia Testimonia Tua: Salve Regina          Mapa Mundi               30

Padilla                        Missal Ego flos campi                                     Mapa Mundi               30

Palestrina                   Tu es Petrus                                                    Chester                       28

Palestrina                   Missa Aeterna Christi munera                         Chester                       12

Parry                          My soul there is a country                                Ascherberg                30

Pärt                             Da pacem                                                       Universal                    30

Pärt                             Magnificat                                                      Universal                    30

Pärt                             De profundis                                                   Universal                      8        

Patterson                   Missa brevis                                                     Universal                    26

Pearsall                      Lay a garland                                                 OUP                             30

Pitfield                        Night Music                                                    Bardic Edition            24

Pott                             Balulalow                                                      OUP                             30

Poulenc                      Videntes stellam                                             Salabert                      30

Price                           Sigh no more ladies (SSAA)                             Roberton                    20

Purcell                        Hail, bright Cecilia (Score and parts)               King’s Music               28

Purcell                        Behold I bring you glad tidings                       King’s Music               28

Purcell                        Five anthems                                                  Faber                          28

Rachmaninoff            Hymn to the Cherubim                                    Roberton                    30

Rigatti                         Magnificat (Score and instr., vocal parts)        Kings’ Music               26

Rimonte                      Three Christmas Villancicos                           Mapa Mundi               24

Rubbra                       Missa a 3 (SA & T or B)                                    Lengnick                    24

Rubbra                       Mary Mother                                                    Lengnick                    24

Rubbra                       Spring Carol Sequence (SSA +plus w.wd)         Lengnick                    24

Rutter                         Open thou mine eyes                                      OUP                            24

Rutter                         Call to worship & Benediction                        Hinshaw Music           24

Rutter                         Five childhood lyrics                                      OUP                             17

Rutter (ed.)                European Sacred Music                                   OUP                             16

Rütti                           I wonder as I wander                                      Escorial Edition          30

Rütti                           St Peter & St Paul                                           Escorial Edition         30

Sanders                      The Reproaches                                              RSCM                          30

Seiber                         Three nonsense songs                                   Novello                       30

Seiber                         Yugoslav folk-songs                                        Boosey & Hawkes      12

Self                              Called back to Paradise                                  animus                       30

Self                              Song of the Virgin Mary                                 animus                       26

Self                              A divine mystery                                             animus                      30

Self                              Seven last words                                            animus                       30

Self                              A sword shall pierce thy heart                       animus                       26

Self                              To honour our lady                                         animus                       28

Self                              Easter Even                                                    animus                       30

Self                              Make we joy now in this fest                          animus                       30

Self                              Hodie Christus natus est                                animus                       30

Self                              Requiem                                                         animus                       30

Self                              Stabat mater                                                  animus                       30

Sisask                         Surrexit Christe                                               Warner/Chappell       10

Sisask                         Oremus                                                            Warner/Chappell       10

Sisask                         Benedictio                                                       Warner/Chappell       30

Stanford                     Blue bird                                                         Stainer & Bell            24        

Stanford                     Beati quorum via                                            Boosey & Hawkes      30

Summerly (ed.)         Pastime with good company                            Faber                          26

Sweelinck                   Hodie Christus natus est                                Novello                       26        

Tavener                      Five anthems from the ‘Veil of the Temple’    Chester                       30

Tavener                      Today the Virgin                                              Chester                       30

Tavener                      Song for Athene                                              Chester                       30

Tavener                      Christmas Proclamation: God is with us          Chester                       30

Tavener                      Funeral Ikos                                                     Chester                      30

Toch                            Geographical Fugue for spoken chorus          Belwin Mills               30

Talbot                         Ave verum corpus                                           Chester                       30

Tormis                        Karjala saatus (folk song settings)                                                     20

Vaughan Williams     Dirge for Fidele (SS & piano)                           Ashdown                    42

Vaughan Williams     Silence and music                                            OUP                            30

Vaughan Williams     Valiant- for-truth                                             OUP                             30

Vaughan Williams     Wassail Song                                                   Stainer & Bell             30

Vaughan Williams     Fain would I change that note                        Novello                         8

Vaughan Williams     The turtle dove                                                Curwen                       12

Vaughan Williams     Three Shakespeare Songs                               OUP                             30

Vasks                          Skumjas (Sorrow): 3 songs for female voices  Schott                         20

Vasks                          Klusas dziesmas (Silent songs)                       Schott                         30

Vasks                          The Fruit of Silence                                        Schott                         30

Victoria                       Quem vidistis, pstores                                     Mapa Mundi               24

Victoria                       Missal O quam gloriosum est regnum             Chester                       1          

Walker                        Redbreast (Harp rec. 4-part SA)                        Private                       26

Walkley                      Three Shakespeare Songs           unpublished               30

Walkley                      Six Lakeland Miniatures (Cl. perc. SATB)         unpublished               30

Walkley                      The ending of the year (SSA & harp)              unpublished               20

Walkley                      Three medieval carols                                    unpublished               30

Walkley                      Missa brevis                                                    unpublished               30

Walkley                      Let all the people praise thee O God              unpublished               30

Walkley                      Three carol miniatures                                    animus                       20

Walkley                      Three Latin motets               unpublished               30

Walkley                      Alleluia! A new work is come on hand            unpublished               30

Walkley                      Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child                       unpublished               30

Walkley (arr.)            French Carol: Noël nouvelet                              unpublished               30

Walkley                      The Song of the Silent Child                           unpublished               30

Walton                        Set me as a seal                                             OUP                            28

Wert                           Ascendente Iesu in naviculum                        Mapa Mundi               28

Wert                           Amen, amen dico vobis                                   Mapa Mundi               24

Wert                           Vox in Rama                                                     Mapa Mundi               24

Whitacre                    Sleep                                                                Walton                       30

Whitacre                    Water Night                                                     Walton                        30

Whitacre                    i thank You God for most this amazing day     Walton                        30

Whitacre                    Lux aurumque                                                 Walton                        30

Young                         Lamentations of Jeremiah                              unpublished               30

Young                         The Night                                                       unpublished               30

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